Media Information

Media Information

The Melbourne International Coffee Expo is backed by a promotional campaign that is both specific targeted and unprecedented in its reach and frequency.

Aimed at three distinct audiences: the local, national and international coffee industry, this campaign will gather the highest possible visitor numbers to our show.
The event and the exhibitor’s marketing messages will be directed through a diverse range of mediums, including trade print and online advertising, local and interstate daily newspapers, as well as via social media and direct mail.

A combination of monthly editorial releases and advertising messages will be circulated in all the leading trade magazines, nationwide. As well, we have selected specific overseas publications.

A multi-platform schedule of direct mail will make up an important part of our marketing campaign. Databases, gathered from industry organisations and publications, as well as from the exhibitors, are being utilised to achieve targeted penetration to the industry’s buyers – large and small, specialised and mainstream.
Materials such as promotional brochures and flyers will also be sent out over a six month period leading up to the show, making for a truly comprehensive direct mailing program.

An extensive email database will be used to keep all exhibitors and potential visitors up to date with the latest Show news.
Likewise, our website will be continually updated with important information for both the local, national and international exhibitors and visitors.

Leading up to the event, strip ads will be employed in leading state and national news papers to spread the word about MICE to millions of readers.
All promotional and advertising packages are designed to maximize visitor attendance at MICE.