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AASCA Launch WBC Barista Buddy Program

The Barista Buddy Program (BBP) is designed to ensure that all World Barista Championship (WBC) competitors coming to Melbourne experience first-hand the passion for specialty coffee in Australia. The program will give baristas a single point of contact to assist with the co-ordination of their requirements in the lead up to and during the event. Upon their arrival to Melbourne, buddies will extend a warm welcome to each barista and introduce them to Melbourne, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable time while in our country.

Each barista will be allocated a buddy who will act as their own dedicated Melbourne correspondent. The buddy will assist with any questions the barista may have in the lead up to the trip and during the competition such as visa and customs enquiries, how the public transport system works, and where to get specific ingredients.

People with a connection to the coffee and/or hospitality industry are encouraged to apply. While the WBC is an English speaking competition, the ability to speak other languages is highly desirable. A current drivers license and availability from 16 - 26 May, 2013 is essential.

The Barista Buddy will facilitate the barista’s stay in Melbourne and assist with a range of things including but not limited to:
- Keeping in touch with the barista via email or Facebook in the lead up to the show to answer any questions regarding visas, what they can and cannot bring into the country, general Melbourne questions such as accommodation suggestions, public transport details, what foods are in season etc. Timely response to any questions is essential.
- Ideally picking Barista up from the airport and giving tours of Melbourne.
- Assisting to find shops selling desired milk or ingredients – ie supermarkets, markets, and specialty grocers.
- Being available from the 16th May until the completion of the event on 26th May for any assistance required.

Some of the benefits of volunteering to be a barista buddy include:
- Getting an insider’s perspective on the World Barista Championships and what’s involved
- Networking with some of the industry’s most talented baristas and making connections all over the world.
- Playing your part in putting Melbourne on the global map as a specialty coffee destination.
- Fast tracking your own pathway into competitions by seeing the best up close and having the opportunity to grow your coffee knowledge

AASCA is currently accepting applications for the Barista Buddy Program. Please visit either the MICE or AASCA websites below to apply.

barista buddy program

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