The ASCA Competitions Committee are the dedicated team who guide the professional and effective management of all of ASCA’s Competitions.

The committee is comprised of both ASCA judges and regional representatives, who play an integral role in ensuring that regional competitions are run smoothly. The team of national judges help to ensure that calibration for the competitions is consistent across the country, and that scoring and competition standards are equal.

This consistency is key because the winners from the different regional competitions feed into the Australian Coffee Championships at MICE, and the winners at MICE in turn represent Australia at the world level. ASCA’s competition standards are on par with the World Championships, and this is because of the comprehensive work undertaken by the Competitions Committee to maintain these standards.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing MICE readers to a few of these committee members. All of their hard work will pay-off at the 2019 ASCA Australian Coffee Championships, taking place at MICE! Get your tickets today so you can get a seat at the grandstand and see all the action unfold!

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