The team at Capulus Roastery are set to return for MICE2019.

We recently spoke to Jono East, founder and head roaster of Capulus, to find out a bit more about his roastery and what excites him about returning to MICE.

Q: How did Capulus Roastery first start out? 
A: I started out with a little hot top hobby roaster. I was a barista for ten years, so roasting seemed like the logical next step. I volunteered at various roasters around Melbourne to hone my craft. The more I delved into roasting, the  more passion I found for it.

Q: What excites you the most about returning to MICE?
A: Hopefully returning after a bit of a break will help to create a bit of buzz, and provide a good opportunity to help make a name for Capulus.

Q: What is your favourite origin?
A: Guatemala. Hands down. Heaps of varietals, consistency and amazing flavours. The naturals that have been coming out of Guatemala this year have been amazing!

Q: What is your favourite holiday destination when you’re not busy with roasting?
A: I haven’t taken a holiday since starting the business. But very soon I’ll be taking my first origin trip to Colombia!

Q: What is your all-time favourite coffee experience?
A: 2014 at the Auction Rooms. Candy man blend. Hands down the most memorable espresso I’ve ever had at a Melbourne café.

Jono and the rest of the Capulus team will be taking a slot on the brand-new MICE Espresso Bar next year! They will be operating the bar on Saturday 9 February, the final day of the show – if you haven’t bought your ticket already, click here to grab yours now!

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