MICE approved for Business Events Grants

MICE2021 has been accepted as an approved event under the Australian Government’s Business Events Grant program. Sponsors and exhibitors are able to apply to Austrade for a one-off grant to cover up to 50% of your event-related expenses in participating in MICE2021. The grants provide the perfect financial support for you to showcase your company [...] Continue reading »

Going green

To meet rising consumer demand for sustainability, MICE2020 is going green and will feature a range of environmentally friendly initiatives to reduce waste created during the show. In September 2019, people around the world united in what is widely considered the largest call-to-arms against climate change in history. British newspaper The Guardian reported roughly six

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Scouting ST. ALi

We caught up with ST. ALi to find out why checking in at their South Melbourne café is a must for anyone visiting MICE2020! South Melbourne has been home to ST. ALi for over a decade and a half and they love it. The South Melbourne Market is around the corner, friends and family are neighbours, and

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Visiting Veneziano

We had a quick chat with Veneziano Coffee Roasters about why you should make time to head over to their roastery while you’re in town for MICE2020. MICE: What makes your roastery a must-visit destination for anyone in or visiting Melbourne? Veneziano: Our flagship cafe in Richmond is the ultimate destination for coffee lovers when in

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MICE2020 sells out

The 2020 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE2020) has sold out of exhibition space, six months ahead of the event. MICE2020 will run from 4 to 7 May, and will host the World Barista Championship (WBC) and World Brewers Cup (WBrC). It is anticipated to be the largest edition of the show since it began in [...] Continue reading »