Sight For All is an organisation which fights blindness in developing areas of the world. In these areas, blind children receive a less than desirable education, which leads to a life of poverty through limited employment opportunities and often even early death.

Knowing the facts:

36 million people worldwide are blind

1.4 million of these are children

Two thirds of blind children live in Asia

75% of blindness is avoidable

89% of the world’s blind live in low and middle income countries

Through a comprehensive campaign which includes over 120 visionaries from Australia and New Zealand, Sight For All’s qualified ophthalmologists travel to developing countries across Asia and to rural communities in Australia to make a difference! They provide valuable skills and knowledge transfer to local doctors, teach them how to perform sight saving surgery, identify and treat eye diseases, assist with infrastructure support and conduct valuable research on blindness.

Sight For All change the lives of 500,000 people a year. They will be at MICE2019 talking about their Vision 1000 programme – which involves donating $1000 per year towards fighting blindness. This is less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Check out the Sight For All website to find out more about the amazing work they do.

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