Introducing Australia’s #1 Barista

Angus Mackie of ONA Coffee recently took out the title of #ASCATop12 #1 Barista in Australia. In the lead up to the ASCA Australian National Championships at MICE2018, we asked Angus about some of his favourites in the wide world of coffee.

MICE: What’s your favourite Origin?

Angus Mackie: Oooh! This is a tough one. My favourite one to visit so far was El Salvador. They were so excited to show us their coffee and took a lot of pride in their work. In terms of drinking, if I had to choose one Origin I would say Colombia. There are a lot of experimental-minded producers achieving a wide variety of taste profiles. Lots of sweet and exciting coffees!

MICE: You favourite way to drink coffee?

AM: Espresso. Mainly for the textural elements you can achieve compared to other methods.

MICE: Can you tell us your career highlight?

AM: This happened quite recently actually. I would say the World Barista Championship in Seoul, 2017 and introducing the Milk-Cloud to the coffee world. This is my personal highlight as it was a bit of a ‘proud father’ moment. It’s a project I’ve been working on since I first had the idea about three years ago and a solid 18 months of work after approaching the team at Breville about the idea. I never quite imagined a better debut then at worlds and I really loved the way [Hugh] Kelly (2017 Australian Barista Champion) introduced it. I can’t wait to debut it to the Australian coffee community on-stage in March!

Will Angus Mackie retain the top spot and take out Australian Barista Champion? Don’t miss a minute of the action – book your tickets to MICE2018 now!

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