Introducing Australia’s #1 Roaster


Adam Marley from Monastery Coffee recently took out the title of #1 Roaster in the #ASCATop12. We spoke to the man behind the (roasting) machine ahead of the Australian AMC Roasting Championship at MICE!

MICE: What’s your favourite origin?
Adam: Uganda, as there is so much potential! The recipe for truly amazing coffee is there and the producers are both passionate and committed. I’m incredibly excited to see what the coming years will bring. It’s also a beautiful country to visit.

MICE: What’s your favourite way to drink coffee?
Adam: French press (plunger). It’s what we make at home; quick, simple, comforting and it lets the coffee speak for itself.

MICE: What would be your career highlight?
Adam: It’d be from my first origin trip, walking down a dirt road into the Long Miles Coffee Project Bukeye washing station in the hills of Kayanza, Burundi. It was the end of a long day and the air was thick with the aromas of cherry pulp, fermentation and coffee flowers. Unforgettable.

See Adam in action at MICE2018 in the ASCA Roasting Zone.

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