Quick roast with Axil Coffee Roasters


This week we chat to Anthony Douglas, Head Barista at Axil Coffee Roasters about the importance of relationships, passion and pastries.


MICE: How would you describe Axil Coffee Roasters in three words?

Anthony Douglas: Good question. I would have to say quality, relationships and passion.

MICE: Who would you like to have a coffee with and why?

AD: I think my fellow coffee friends, because I know they will be enjoying the coffee as much as I am.

MICE: What’s your favourite moment and why?

AD: The answer would definitely have to be spending quality time with my girlfriend Jinny.

MICE: What inspires you?

AD: Many things inspire me however the biggest inspiration for me is knowing how much impact we can have on a coffee by taking control of as many variables as possible.

MICE: What’s the best food to pair your coffee with?

AD: Now this is a tough question, but for me it’s pretty hard to go past coffee and a good pastry.

Axil Coffee Roasters will be located at stand 184 at MICE2018. You can also catch Anthony on the ASCA Main Stage competing as part of the #ASCATop12.

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