Roaster of the week: ZEST

We talk Mexico and Moguls with Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters and find out what really moves their mocha!

Don’t miss Zest at MICE 2017 for those perfectly roasted beans and brewed coffees.

MICE: Who would you choose to have coffee with and why?

Zest: If we could, we would rewind the clock a mere century and to sit down to ‘beat one’s gums’ with the pioneer of coffee research, the late Willian Ukers. In 1901 Ukers foundered the first coffee focused trade journal ‘The Tea and Coffee Journal’ and later, in 1922, published the first comprehensive coffee resource titled ‘All About Coffee’. We would lend our ears to Ukers’ travel stories and coffee related discoveries while sipping a tasty cup of joe in the famed ‘King’s Coffee and Teas’ in downtown New York.

MICE: What are you listening to right now at the roastery?

Zest: We are listening to a piano trio album titled ‘Seven Days of Falling’ by Esbjorn Svennson. It’s energetic, communicative, innovative, harmonious and all round joyous music.

MICE: What is your favourite destination and why? 

Zest: Mexico, not only because of the sun, sand and sombreros but becuase Mexico is also an ideal location for coffee lovers. You can start your day by exploring the cool and beautiful mountainous coffee regions, be treated to the generous hospitality of farmers, devour delicious homemade cultural dishes, taste the sherbet-like sweetness of Mexican-grown coffee and then enjoy a beer and watch the sun set over the waves of the Mexican Pipeline for spellbinding entertainment.

MICE: Where do you get your inspiration? 

Zest: We aspire to astonish, inspire and delight our customer with delectable coffee experiences. We have an insatiable appetite to improve quality at every point in coffee’s journey from seed to the cup. This desire for improvement inspires the Zest team to experiment, innovate and discover new ways of delivering spectacular coffee to our customers.




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