As one of the driving forces behind the Australian specialty coffee movement, Five Senses are a household name to anyone who knows a thing or two about drinking a great cup of coffee. Ahead of their return to MICE next year, we caught up with Five Senses Roaster Shaun Gionis – who never sleeps on good quality beans.

Q: How did Five Senses first start out? 
A: Two men, one from the east, one from the west. Bonded over their love of coffee, a discussion turned into a dream and now it’s become something neither probably imagined. I’m thankful for that discussion because now I have a great job!

Q: If you could drink a cup of single origin from one place in the world, where would it be? 
A: Africa, I’m not picky with details, any on that continent will be perfectly fine and no doubt taste delicious.

Q: Single or double, white or black coffee?  
A: Double, black!

Q: Favourite holiday destination when not busy with roasting?  
A: Any place where the water is warm and the people are sparse.

Q: How many cups a day before you draw the line?
A: The line was lost as soon as I got this roasting gig.

Get your tickets to MICE today so you can check out the Five Senses team in Roasters Alley next year!

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