In the lead up to the return of Toby’s Estate to MICE next year, we recently had a chance to chat with their Roaster Ben Choi – discussing everything from garage-based coffee roasting to new methods of single origin processing.

Q: How did Toby’s Estate first start out?
A: In a garage! Our founder Toby Smith learnt how to grow, roast and cup coffee at origin at plantations in Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. He then returned home to Australia and converted his Mum’s garage into a roastery and got to work roasting specialty coffee.

Q: Single or double shot, white or black coffee? 
A: Single shot flat white. It’s a good coffee to distinguish flavours from each roaster.

Q: Best food pairing with coffee? 
A: Bacon and egg roll with hash brown. Easy and simple. Adequate portion size and classic flavours.

Q: Favourite holiday destination when not busy with roasting?
A: Thailand. Thailand is nice place to chill and relax. The food is AMAZING and their specialty coffee scene has huge potential.

Q: If you could drink a cup of single origin from one place in the world, where would it be? 
A: Colombia. Especially recently as they are producing new varietals with different processing methods other than the traditional washed process. The Colombia Tabi Caturra Natural that I had recently has amazing fruity flavours with a clean and elegant finish, just like typical washed Colombians. It was incredible!

Get your early bird tickets to MICE so you can catch the Toby’s Estate team in person next year, they’ll be exhibiting in Roasters Alley!

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