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The Product Innovation Awards are back at MICE2018. There have been a number of exciting entries received, and all will be on display at the show.


Make sure to check out:

  • the Badass Barrel BAB-20 supplied by 4&Co, which is the world’s first small counter top unit designed for Nitro Brew Coffee;
  • Barista Technology’s new Q2 Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper, that offers precision tamping technology;
  • Brew Bomb X45 Brewer by Brew Bomb delivers commercial quantities of cold brew coffee brewed to precise standards;
  • the new Bev Equip Latte Pro, a specially designed milk steaming jug with in-built temperature sensitive labels that help the user reach optimal temperature;
  • Colonna Labs’ compostable capsules, that not only provide café quality coffee but also result in a much smaller impact on the environment;
  • Detpak’s Precision Series Specialty Coffee takeaway cups, providing the exact volumetric sizes of in-café coffee cups;
  • JACKY’s new self discharging hopper bins for storage and dispensing of green coffee beans;
  • ready-to-drink canned nitro cold brew coffee from Minor Figures, with unique nitrogen widget technology that delivers a silky smooth and fresh texture;
  • the STEM from ONA Coffee, an adjustable platform that provides a solution for baristas in terms of espresso accuracy, protection and workflow;
  • Pelican Rouge’s Cream Creator, which at the press of a button delivers high quality foamed milk ready to pour over your latte;
  • the Bkon Craft brewer, distributed by Service Sphere, creates a barista quality coffee with a press of a button; and
  • Water Filter Services’ BWT BestQaua 1C and BestCoffee 100 Premium which provides a simple reverse osmosis and remineralisation;


Make sure you check out all the entries at MICE2018!

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