Who is Archie Chiu?


Introducing Archie Chiu, current #1 Brewer in Australia. Archie will be competing at MICE2018 on the ASCA Main Stage in the Australian Brewers Cup as part of the #ASCATop12.


We managed to steal a few minutes from his busy schedule to get to know him a little better.


Name: Archie Chiu

Company: Code Black Coffee

Age: 34

Favourite origin: Panama, Mexico and Ethiopia

Favourite way to drink coffee: I enjoy any way of coffee making as long as it is made by the heart. But also made with thought, care and drunk at the right moment.

Career highlight: I think what I am doing everyday is a highlight. Each day you can find something new, from coming across better green beans, developing better roasting profiles or improving brewing methods. Because of this I endeavor to push myself and increase my skills and knowledge.


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